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Technology meets Anatomy

biolitec® presents the LEONARDO® Laser; the most versatile and universal medical laser in the market today.

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Takfam co. has always looked forward to cooperate with the most successful and best companies of the world, which produce modern medical equipments with the highest quality available.

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Vanquish is a revolutionary selective radiofrequency system. The Vanquish patented technology delivers a non-invasive solution with unparalleled efficacy.

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SLIM II Evolution

Slim Evolution II CO2 laser system enhanced with MiXto Pro scanner technology is the most fully-developed platform available on the market for skin resurfacing, wrinkle and scar reduction.

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X-WAVE Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic waves are extremely strong non-focused sound pulses that induce vibration within the body.

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Protege Intima

The first system for non-surgical labia remodeling and sexual satisfaction enhancement.

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Exilis offers a significant technological advance in Radio Frequency aesthetic treatment. The only RF device in the world which has FDA approval.



American physicians’ review on Exilis

Exilis offers a significant technological advance in Radio Frequency aesthetic treatment.The exclusive Energy Flow Control (EFC) system delivers maximum thermal effect to tissue in the shortest time while ensuring safety, comfort and control. Exilis as a complementary method can be used before or after the invasive treatments like liposuction. This device has FDA approval in […]

How to Inquire Deices

Based on the regulations of Medical Equipments department of Health ministry, it is possible to inquire our devices through that organization and its website.  


Tekfam co. provides the newest products of credible european companies in the field of aesthetic and surgery lasers for beauty clinics and hospitals. All of the available products are among the best ones in the world and were selected by professional researchers and scientists. Thanks to its experienced staff, Takfam presents best after sale services, […]